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The strategy outlines five strategic aims and seven priority focus areas across antitrust law and merger control, as well as consumer law. Objectives The first strategic aim is for the —Read More—. Perhaps this is an indication of the way things are going to be after Brexit.

The Governments of Germany, France and Poland have recently published a document calling for a radical review of the EU merger rules to allow a stronger emphasis on industrial policy considerations.

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Remove the UK from the equation with its strong belief in competition only based assessment of mergers and more politically motived industrial policy concerns are likely to fill the vacuum. More and more —Read More—. Decree No.

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  • Over 14 contracts with a variety of customers —Read More—. Summary Digital markets mergers are a hot topic for global antitrust regulators. The CMA is confident that the overarching competition law framework can cope with mergers in digital markets. In —Read More—. The merger itself was ultimately cleared unconditionally in Phase I on the basis that it raised no competition concerns.

    An Introduction to EU Competition Law

    This latest decision seems to be yet another example of the Commission ramping up penalties on companies for procedural irregularities in the —Read More—. One firm was granted immunity from fines under the competition law leniency programme. Mergers may face investigations by both the CMA and the European Commission even where they have already been notified in Brussels. Background —Read More—.

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    Non-exit is looking increasingly likely! The May compromise deal delivered too little to too many but not enough to anyone, except perhaps the EU It was bound to fail! And fail it did in historic proportions by votes. No Government has been so convincingly defeated in UK Parliamentary history. Today the Government faces —Read More—.

    Introduction to European Competition Law

    The Regulation will have both economic and procedural implications for any trader which sells to EU customers because it requires that customers anywhere in the EU be allowed to purchase on the same conditions as customers anywhere else in the EU. A trader can still put different prices on websites aimed at different territories, but customers must —Read More—. The penalties for engaging in cartel activity can be severe. This ruling has the potential to be of substantial —Read More—. Summary The UK Government published on 24 July its long awaited White Paper on the proposed new national security screening regime to review investments by foreign investors which may have national security implications.

    Background The UK currently uses the Enterprise Act to review mergers on national security and other public interest grounds alongside the competition regime. Following the Chinese —Read More—. On 24th July the EU Commission passed a decision to enforce the competition rules in yet another case involving the e-commerce sector.

    EU Competition Law

    Anti-competitive Agreements. Antitrust Reports KJE C This monthly reporter includes Commission decisions, court judgments, latest actions, and status of pending cases in the area of antitrust. A54 The subtitle of this book is "the ultimate guide to leading cases of the EU and all 27 member states" and it offers country by country summaries of major cases on anti-competitive practices, abuse of dominance, and merger control. The search function is somewhat complicated, but does offer searching by sector and then even more specific to document type, decision type or by legal basis.

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